Process in manufacturing of websites


Completion of a questionnaire by the client. Brief questionnaire.
Positioning of the website to target audience.
Clarifying the concept and content - features and technologies, colors, photography, graphic resolution of the browser one or more of which is constructed vision.

Preparation of offer and approval by the client

Upon approval of the offer shall be made advance payment by the customer.

Starting project

Production of project vision, copywriting, photography, preparation for optimization and keyword phrases.

Competing websites

Study of the websites by the industry and the market environment in Bulgaria and abroad.

Making of the code

The production of the code going an operational server and monitored by the customer online. Been observed all the features and make adjustments.Finally, we test for all users.


After examination of the customer making adjustments

Online project start with the real domain.
The additional payment of the rest of amount have to be made.


More about website development

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